Private Lending

Let us grow your investment. Plain and simple.

Why do people invest?

The answer is simple, to have their capital create a Return on Investment (ROI).

A straightforward way to create an ROI in Real Estate is to lend money with interest.

When acting as a private lender, there are three important questions to ask yourself:

1)    How much money am I going to lend?

2)    How long do I want to lend my money for?

3)    What is a good ROI for my money?

Private Lending

If you are interested in investing through Real Estate, but would rather not own the property, then private lending is for you! Private lending has predictable returns, is protected by both the home and the land, and is truly passive. Our team has years of experience using investment strategies such as wholesaling, buy n’ holds and flipping.

Often real estate deals demand a level of creativity to create a win-win solution. When we have our consultation together, we will review the multiple options our team has put together for what works best for your situation. If you have capital and are uncertain if you want to invest, or if you are curious what the monthly returns would look like, give us a call!

RRSP Mortgages

Are the RRSP’s investment vehicles promoted at your bank (i.e. mutual funds & GIC’s) promising the return you are looking for? Are your RRSP investments providing a 8-14% annual return? Most likely they are not. We have a solution! 

Many RRSP investors do not realize that you can use your RRSP funds at your bank to invest in Real Estate without triggering the penalties and taxes that come from withdrawing funds. Rather than withdrawing your RRSP’s funds, we structure what is termed an ‘Arms Length Mortgage’ at your bank to allow you to self-direct your investment with no tax triggering, and no risk. If you would like to learn more about how we help Canadians like yourself use their RRSP funds to invest in Real Estate in a safe and secure way, then we would love to connect.