Why Invest With Us?

As experienced investors ourselves, we understand what to do.

To date, Jamil Rahemtula manages a portfolio of student rentals & multi family properties across South Western Ontario for himself and other investors alike. His experience in Property Management & Residential Construction has allowed him to excel in Real Estate Investing. Specifically, his ability to carefully select and manage high-quality tenants and develop a power team of reliable contractors has proven critical in this industry.

“Our knowledge of Real Estate Markets allows partners and private lenders to safely grow their wealth with the clarity provided in our consultations. We are passionate about building other’s wealth through the vehicle of Real Estate.”

Why Invest?

Put your Money to Work.

Put your hard-earned money to work so you don’t have to. Instead of your money sitting in the bank and struggling to keep up with inflation, ensure it yields the highest possible return.

Peace of Mind.

It can certainly be a challenge to choose which properties to invest in. We have a proven methodology that has worked time and time again for which properties make sense to invest in.

Low Risk, High Reward.

We know what it takes to find high-quality deals, manage renovation teams, and to manage tenants. We provide you with the ability to be involved in Real Estate Investing without putting in the time required. Let us do the work!

It’s in the Details.

Having been private lenders & joint venture partners on real estate investments ourselves, we understand the importance of involvement and detail on the deals that we do together.

Clients Review


We hired the Your House Search team as our buyer agent because they are specifically trained in Short Sale & Foreclosure.

Lisa Simpson

As I move forward to now BUY my next house, I am extremely certain Residence will be the right partner to help me.

Anna McKenzie

The sale went smoothly, and we just closed on an ideal new place we’re excited to call home.

Stephanie Barkley

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